How a Business Address Service Will Your Boost Your Brand

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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How a Business Address Service Will Your Boost Your Brand 

Launching your own business is demanding. You need to be focused, make effective decisions, and ensure you have laid a blueprint that will help boost and scale your business brand. Using the services of a company formations agent to help you build your company is crucial; they’ll ensure your formation journey is as smooth as possible. Importantly, credible company formations agents can provide a business address service that may be the difference between your brand’s stagnant status and exponential growth.

What Is a Business Address Service?

A business address service is used by companies to act as an “address” where they receive and forward their business mail. Using a business address service is not legally required during your company formation, and nor does a business address appear on public record. It’s completely optional. However, a business address has a number of important, brand-building advantages:

A Business Address Service Will Ensure Your Privacy

If you use a business address service to obtain an invaluable business address for your company, you can avoid using your home address as your company’s address. If your home address is used as your business address, public records will link to your private residence. Therefore, it is much more private and secure to have your business address listed publicly rather than your home address.

One option around this is to pay for a P.O. Box as your business address in order to receive your mail. Although a P.O. Box will solve the “privacy” problem, it doesn’t exude a credible image or fill your customers and clients with confidence; particularly about your credibility.

A Business Address Service Will Ensure You are Credible

As with online customers who steer clear from questionable web addresses and websites when making an online purchase, many of your prospects will question the credibility of your business if it’s listed as your private address.

In order to grow, your clients and prospects have to trust your company’s ability, whatever your niche may be. A physical address will help you legitimise your start-up company and will prove that you have invested in your business’ projected success. This address will be used on all your marketing material, such as business cards, brochures, websites etc. Think of it this way: would you step foot in a shop that lacks credibility or a professional exterior?

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A Business Address Service Will Ensure Your Business Is First

Since your business address will be displayed on all important records and marketing materials, it will be the main location for important documents such as business mail, invoices, corporate correspondence. Your business address will be used for a number of things such as licensing and permits, registering a domain name, creating an LLC/Corp, creating a business bank account, advertising online, and obtaining a local listing on platforms like Google My Business. This makes it easier for your prospects to look you up online.

A Business Address Service Will Ensure a Reputable Geographical Area

Having a business address in a reputable and highly credible location will add to your company’s credibility. Furthermore, it may be easier for notable businesses who are established in the specific “business hub” to find your services. If you’re a start-up from a remote village in the UK, it may be beneficial to have a business address that is located in a more prominent area in order to cast your net further afield.

A Business Address Service Will Ensure You Target a New Market

Having a business address in a completely different market to the one you are used to will allow your company to test its services and products with new markets and a new customer demographic. You will be more visible to a prominent region; such research can help entrepreneurs to develop their products further or implement new strategies in order to expand their services successfully.

What Is the Difference Between a Registered Office Address and a Business Address?

Since it’s your company’s official address, only statutory mail from government agencies is delivered to the registered office. However, a business address acts as a contact point for various types of correspondence from clients, suppliers and third parties.

Additionally, there is no limit to the number of business addresses you can have. They can be based anywhere in the world as a contact for generic business-related correspondence and to establish a presence in varied locations. It’s also permitted to use the same registered office address as your business address should you wish, however, it must meet the same required criteria.


A business address service may only be used for the receipt and forwarding of general business mail. Using a virtual office address or London registered office address should be purchased separately.

It is quite simple to purchase your own business address for mail purposes. Simply make an enquiry with your formations company or virtual office address service, pay the nominal fee, and enjoy the many benefits of a business address to boost your business’s brand

To find out more about a business address service, contact our dedicated company formations team now for fast, friendly, and professional support.

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