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What addresses do i need to provide for my Limited Company?

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Whenever you apply to create a new business, you will be requested to give several different addresses. These Companies House prerequisites can in some cases result in confusion, therefore in this guide we clarify the different types of address – including the registered office address, service addresses of secretaries and directors, directors’ typical home address and shareholder’s mail address – and summarise why they are important.

Registered (Certified) office address

This is the official address of the company. It is the address to which government agencies like HMRC or Companies House will send mails as well as any statutory papers. At the point when pondering over what your registered office address should be, you have to consider that:

• It will show up on all public records;
• It must be sited in the same part of the UK in which the country is enlisted. For instance, a company enlisted in England and Wales can’t have an enrolled office address in Scotland.
• It can be a residential address (but remember that it will be incorporated on all public registers).
• In case you utilise your residential address, but the house does not belong to you, you will have to check any tenancy consent to guarantee that you are permitted to utilise for business reasons.
• It need not be your business dealing address, however it can be.

As soon as your business is created, UK trading disclosure law demands that companies should add their enlisted office address in the organisations’ letterheads, orders, business correspondence, and mail messages as well as on the company’s site.

Director/secretary service address start

The service address is the authorised address of the company’s officer. It is the address to which government agencies like HRMC or Companies House will send any message to the secretary or director. While considering the service address, consider that:

• It will be shown on the public record.
• It can be located anyplace in the world.
• It can be similar to the enlisted office address (however need not be).
• It can be equivalent to the home address of the officer (but be reminded that it will be shown on every public register).
• It can be a corporate address in as much it is a complete address.
• It need not be a PO Box number, except it forms part of a complete address.

Every secretary or director, if they desire can utilise a distinctive service address or they can all be equal. It is quite common for the service addresses of officers to be the same as the company’s enlisted office address.

Director’s standard home address

This is just the residential address of the director. Be reminded that:

• It does not show on all public record.
• It may be equivalent to the enlisted office address
• It may be equivalent to the service address of the directors (although you need to be conscious that the service address is going to be revealed on all public registers).

Shareholder messaging (correspondence) address

You will have to give a messaging or mailing address for every one of the first subscribers in a newly established company. For every subscriber (shareholder) correspondence address, it is important to note that:

• It will be shown on every public register.
• It need not to the subscribers common home address.
• It can be equivalent to the enlisted office address.
• If the subscriber is likewise a secretary or director then it can be equivalent to their service address.

Other business addresses

The addresses we have treated thus far must be incorporated in your request to enlist a company. Even though it is not important for your company creation, we will likewise take a quick study at other generally needed company addresses:

Trading address

The trading address of a company is the place in which the major business activities happen. It need not be the same address as the enlisted office, however it could be. In addition, you need not supply information of the company’s trading address while setting up a business.

SAIL address

As soon as your enterprise is formed, you may decide to maintain your legal registers and records at an address which is not the company’s enlisted office address. This other address is regarded as the Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) address.
Should you desire to know more regarding how to create a SAIL address, what it can be used for, as well as what you need to tell Companies House, look up our relevant blog entries.

Updating business addresses

Should you create a new Ltd company with the use of our straightforward online incorporations software, you’ll have free entrance to our company’s records administrative software. This will permit you to make fast updates to every one of your business details, plus any change in address. Should it be needed to inform Companies House of the update (maybe you have relocated the enlisted office address, for instance) then our software will file the changes automatically – saving you the need to put forward a paper form!

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