What if I need to Change my Registered Office Address?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021
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You would be surprised at how common this question is. Many companies may want to change their registered office address as their business changes over time. It could be that the company has grown so large that they need to move to bigger premises to accommodate extra staff, or that they want to re-locate to different premises that can offer them a lower annual rent, or to a location that provides better logistical connectivity for their services.

If you formed your company with us at Your Company Formations, you can alter your registered addresses by updating your address details via your account on our site. We will automatically update your new registered details to Companies House, so you don’t have to worry about notifying them all by yourself.

However, if you didn’t form your company with us, and need to change your registered address, then you can download form AD01 from the Companies House website. Once completed, you can return the form to Companies House to process. You can return your completed form either by post or online via the Companies House WebFiling system. There is no charge to change your registered address, and it usually takes around two working days for your application form to be processed. If you are changing the registered address of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), you will require an LL AD01 form.

As it is a legal requirement for a UK based company to have a registered office address, it is important that Companies House are kept up to date with any changes of address you have as your company moves premises. Your registered address is where HMRC and Companies house send all their official correspondence, so you will want to make sure that they have the correct address on record at all times. Remember though that your registered address is publicly available and has to be displayed on your company paperwork and websites, so you will want to make sure your details are correct to avoid any confusion.

The address you provide must be a real UK address and not a PO Box address, so the option of registering a PO Box as your registered company address is out of the question.

You may think that if you were planning to move offices frequently over the years that simply registering your home address as your company registered address could be a good solution. This way you wouldn’t need to keep updating Companies House and HMRC with your new details each time you moved, and also you wouldn’t need to worry about the extra expense of amending your paperwork and websites to reflect your new changes. However, bear in mind that if you decided to register your home address as your company registered address, it would go on the public register with Companies House, and would be available for anyone to see. You may suddenly find your home address becoming inundated with unwanted junk mail, as well as being open to the possibility of uninvited cold-callers at your door.

As your business grows larger over time, you may have to face the possibility of moving premises over and over again, especially if you are planning for rapid growth within a short time-frame. However, there is an easy solution you could take that would save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

Your Company Formations offer a registered address service that you can use to register your company address with. This makes things a whole lot simpler for you to be able to keep on top of your mail from HMRC and Companies House that you really do not want to go missing in the post.

Having a consistently managed address will mean that nothing of any importance will ever be missed or go astray, which can happen very easily when a company is frequently moving premises and changing their company registered address. It can also boost your company profile to be seen to have a prestigious London address on your company letterhead and associated paperwork.

You could have your very own London EC1 based Registered Office address for just £40.00 via Your Company Formations, and this also includes free national and international mail forwarding. It can be very reassuring to know that your essential business-related correspondence is being handled safely, giving you great peace of mind knowing nothing important from government agencies will ever go missing.

So if it is your plan to grow your company and move to larger premises along the way, then you must remember to keep Companies House and HMRC updated with your change of address details. Alternatively, play it safe by investing in a prestigious permanent registered company address through Your Company Formations Registered Office Address Service.

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