What is a Directors Service Address and Why Do I Need One?

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2021
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When you want to set up your own limited company, you will need to go through the company formations process and register your new company with Companies House. Companies House rules and regulations require that your limited company register official business addresses with them for your new company.

The official addresses you supply are used by Companies House and HMRC to send you any official statutory paperwork and correspondence that is concerned with your company. Companies House also require certain official addresses to be entered onto the Public Register of Companies that is kept at Companies House. This register lists every single company name and address that is in existence in the UK, and is open to be fully inspected by the general public.

Because the Register of Companies is open to the general public, this means that absolutely anyone can access your company details, including what addresses you use to register your company with. For those business owners who run their businesses from home, this means that complete strangers can see your private residential address, and could potentially target your home for cold calling sales people, as well as for their sales and marketing literature and other junk mail.

Directors service address provider

What is a Directors Service Address and Why Do I Need One? Your Company Formations

Working from home?

Since 2009, when setting up a new company in the UK, a company director must submit two address to Companies House to use. One address is the directors residential address, and the second is the official Directors Service address, which acts as the main correspondence address for the company. For anyone running their business from home, this means that both of these addresses could be the same. You can use your own home address for your Directors Service address, but you must be aware that by doing so will mean that your private residential address will appear in the public register of companies and be on display to the general public at all times.

While you will need to supply Companies House with your private residential address anyway, if you have a different Directors Service address to use, your home address is kept off the public record and is only used for their internal records. This is why if you want to protect your private residential address and keep your home life completely separate from your business, it makes complete sense to give a different Directors Service address.

Because your Director’s Service Address serves as your official, public correspondence address, this one needs to be entered onto the public register of companies. So, to keep your home address secure and out of the public eye, choosing to use a Directors Service Address provider, such as the service offered by Your Company Formations, you can use a prestigious Central-London business address to go on the public record.

How many Director’s Service Addresses do I need?

What is a Directors Service Address and Why Do I Need One? Your Company Formations

How many directors?

Depending on the size of your company and how many directors it has, each one of your directors will need an official service address. This is important because although Companies House and HMRC will usually write to your Registered Office address, if they don’t get any response to their mail, then they will use your Directors Service Address for your statutory company documentation. They will also use your Directors Address to send your own personal statutory mail to you, such as your self-assessment tax return documentation.

Even though you need to submit your own home address to Companies House upon registering your company, your private residential address will only be shared between Companies House and select government bodies, such as HMRC, FSA, the police and credit referencing agencies. It is only your official Directors Service Address that is on display to the public. Your home address will remain protected and off the public record.

What if I rent my home?

What is a Directors Service Address and Why Do I Need One? Your Company Formations

Rented home?

A lot of sole traders and solo entrepreneurs that want to set up their own company will live in rented accommodation. Depending on your letting agreement or tenancy contract, your landlord may not allow you to use your home address for business purposes. This is why using a Directors Service Address provider is a perfect solution to this situation.

Using our prestigious City Road, London EC1 address for your official business addresses can really solve a lot of problems for small and micro-business owners who would rather not give out their home address, or cannot if they are renting and their landlord doesn’t allow it. Having a Central-London address for their small business will also give their newly formed company a lot more prestige and gravitas too!

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Privacy and convenience

What is a Directors Service Address and Why Do I Need One? Your Company Formations

Privacy guaranteed

The added benefit of using a business address provider, such as Your Company Formations address services, is that you can give yourself a high level of privacy and security. Not only does it stop cold callers from turning up on your doorstep at all times of the day and night, but it stops your home from being inundated with junk mail and sales flyers.

There are also lots of businesses that operate in the UK where nuisance callers or unexpected visitors turning up on their premises is unwelcome and not necessary. This could be because you operate a business offering virtual services which doesn’t require that you meet with anyone at all in person.

In these cases actually having customers, curious people and complete strangers turn up at your property could cause potential health and safety issues for your business. If your business is geared up not to see clients or customers in person on your premises, then should any visitors to your site have an accident, receive an injury or have their property damaged in some way, you could be liable to pay them compensation for any claims made against you.

This is why keeping your actual physical address private and off the public record can help keep your business protected from any risks and liabilities.

Forming your limited company

What is a Directors Service Address and Why Do I Need One? Your Company Formations

Company Formations Services

If you are planning on forming a limited company, but haven’t gone thorough the official company formations process as yet, it is very important that you get the details of your limited company correct on your application. To save you the hassle of registering your company with your own home address details, and then having those details changed further down the line, it makes sense to get yourself set up with all the addresses you need for your company before you officially register it with Companies House.

Remember that your original submission will be recorded and set in stone. Yes, you can change your company details later, but it can be a bit of a hassle. Instead, set your business up on the right foot by being organised and having your addresses in place so that your company formations procedures go smoothly.

Companies House will want to know a few details for your application to be accepted. If you don’t supply the right information, or your information is incomplete, your application will be rejected and you will have to go back to the drawing board.

Here is what you need to supply to Companies House for your company formation to be successful:

  • Details of your limited company directors (names and addresses)
  • Details for your Company secretaries (if you are having any)
  • The original shareholders or guarantors for your company
  • Guarantors with at least 25% voting rights
  • Shareholders who hold at least 25% of the company’s shares
  • PSC register: Any other person or legal entity with significant control over a company

What is a Directors Service Address and Why Do I Need One? Your Company FormationsIf you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by what is expected from you for your submission, don’t for get that Your Company Formations are here to help! We have many years of experience with helping thousands of business owners set up their own limited company. We can take all of the hard work out of the process, and know exactly what Companies House require for a successful registration.

You can take a look at our range of company formations packages and choose the right one for you. We can help you to get your company up and running very quickly, sometimes in as little as one working day! You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the process – we can take care of everything for you. If you want to talk to us about your business and find answers to your queries, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly London-based team of formations experts. We are here to help!

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