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What is a Registered Office Address Provider?

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When you want to set up a limited company, you will need to go through the Company Formations process. One of the requirements you will have to meet during the process is to supply Companies House with the address of your registered office.

When we register as a company, can we give our home address as the company’s registered office?

Depending on the size of the company you intend to set up, as well as the number of people involved in your business, you can choose to give your registered office address as the physical address of your place of business, the address of the office where you run your business from, or if you are a sole trader setting up from home, you can use your residential address as your registered office address.

Can I register an LLP at my home address?

What is a Registered Office Address Provider? Your Company Formations

Home Address for Business?

If you are looking to set up a Limited Liability Partnership, then you can choose to give your registered office address as your home address. This can work well for married couples or life partners that are looking to go into a business partnership together.

For partnerships that involve two or more people, you can choose to use one of the partner’s home address as your registered office if all partners are in agreement and happy for this to happen. However, the willing partner must understand that their home address will be put on display on the Public register of companies that is held at Companies House, and any member of the public can access their home address through the register via the internet.

Does a registered office address of a company need an office set-up?

What is a Registered Office Address Provider? Your Company Formations

Do you need an office set-up?

Companies House require registered companies to supply them with a legitimate postal address for their registered office. This address has to exist in the real world, so this is why using PO Boxes are not allowed to be used as an official office address, because they are not a physical bricks-and-mortar address. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to have a physical office space to be able to register your company.

You can use your residential address as your registered office, or you can choose to use the services of a Registered Office Address Provider, such as Your Company Formations, to help provide you with all the official company addresses that you need.

Can a company be registered with address of a shared office space?

What is a Registered Office Address Provider? Your Company Formations

Shared office?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. There are many shared office space and hot-desk set ups springing up across the country. These places provide great flexibility for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs and micro-businesses to work in a business environment without the need to rent dedicated office space.

Shared office spaces can help to keep the costs down for new enterprises and entrepreneurs that wish to operate a lean business structure while they establish and grow their business up to a decent size where they can sustain the costs of renting their own dedicated office space.

Shared office space owners should have a set of user rules and agreements in place that will dictate whether or not you would be allowed to use their address for your company. You should never assume that you can use the address of the shared office space as your registered office address without first checking with the building and operation owners.

In most cases, it would be wise to use an address that you can use for the long term while you concentrate on growing your businesses. It is understandable that you would want to keep your home address off the public register, so your best bet here is to use a registered office address provider such as us for your Company Registered Office Address.

Your Company Formations offer a range of company address solutions that means you can have the flexibility of working wherever you like in the country, but use our Central London EC1 address for your company without needing to rent any dedicated office space of your own.

Our registered office address services are growing in popularity because we offer a very cost-effective and convenient solution for many entrepreneurs, partnerships and small business owners that are looking to set up a limited company.

Can I use a virtual office address as my office address during my company registration?

What is a Registered Office Address Provider? Your Company Formations

London business address

Yes you can! With our range of Company Address solutions, you can register your new company with Companies House via our Company Formations Service, and use our Central-London office address as your official Registered Office Address for your company.

Can my registered office address be changed?

Yes. If you have already gone through the company formations process and have officially registered your limited company with Companies House, then you can change your registered office address quite simply by completing Companies House form AD01.

You can sign up for our registered office address service and change your address with Companies House and HMRC to our prestigious city address in the heart of London’s business district. Companies House and HMRC will use your new registered address for your official company correspondence. Our professional mail management and forwarding service will handle your official mail. This will ensure that none of your important legal documents can go astray or become lost or mixed up in other mail.

What are the benefits of using your Registered Office Address Service?

What is a Registered Office Address Provider? Your Company FormationsUsing our range of company address solutions will enable you to keep your personal home address off public records and hidden from public view. This can help prevent unwanted or uninvited people visiting your home at all times of day or evening. Our company address options include:

Instead of displaying your home address on all of your company stationery and website, you can display our prestigious Central-London EC1 address instead. This will give your company a more professional image and impression that will impress potential new clients and customers.

Your home address will not be targeted by junk mail companies that will want to inundate your home address with flyers, leaflets and other marketing materials that you may not be interested in, and are also a pain to sort through and recycle.

Being a registered limited company with a prestigious London City business address can work wonders for your company image and credibility. This can be especially important when trying to win over and impress potential business partnerships and joint-ventures, or should you wish to seek extra financing from Business Angel groups or credit companies.

What is a Registered Office Address Provider? Your Company FormationsYour Company Formations provide quick and easy company formations services for those wishing to set up a Limited Company, as well as comprehensive business address services that limited companies need to comply with for all Companies House requirements.

Why not contact our friendly team today to discuss your registered office address needs. We are here to help!

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