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Company Registered Office Address in London EC1

What is a registered office address?

A registered office is a legal requirement for all companies registered at Companies House. It is the official address of the incorporated company and is publicly available for anyone to view. The address can be different to that of your usual trading address. Companies House, HMRC, and other government bodies will use your registered office address to deliver statutory letters and legal notices. All companies are legally required to display the registered office address on business correspondence such as letters and the business website.

The Benefits of Our Service

By choosing our registered office address service, you can give your business a sought-after London address while at the same time protecting your identity. Furthermore, the service includes free national and international mail forwarding. The address is located in the heart of Central London and is a prime location to help boost your businesses profile. By including the address on your company correspondence, you can increase confidence in your brand with clients and suppliers. Our service also is private and confidential, helping you keep your details secure at an affordable price.

Registered Office Address Service London

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London Registered Office Address. – What’s Included?

  • A central London EC1 address
  • All mail scanned free of charge
Important Information:

1. The cost of the Registered Office Address is £29.00 per year. This fee allows one Business to use this address. If more than one Business requires this service, you will be required to purchase the service for each additional Business that wishes to use it.

2. This service is for use with only one company and cannot be used on multiple companies. So, if you do require a Registered Office Address for multiple companies, then this should be purchased for each separate company that the address will be used with.

3. DVLA mail is automatically returned to sender (as this has been introduced following government guidance on vehicles being registered to virtual addresses).

About our registered office address services

Your Company Formation provides our clients with an esteemed address service which can complement your newly incorporated company. All of our address services can be purchased with a new company or as a standalone product.

Our Address services are based in Central London and can help to create a professional corporate image. The services include a Registered Office Address which allows your company to be registered at our central London address. This information will appear on public record at Companies House. Similarly, we provide a Directors Service Address which enables you to keep your own address off the public record. We also offer a professional mail forwarding service which allows the use of our prime London address as your own trading Address.

How is my post handled with the registered office service?

When you choose our registered office address service, We turn your statutory letters into digital files and then send them electronically to you via email, completely free of charge. Any government statutory mail that simply can’t be scanned will be sent by post, free of charge for clients residing in the UK, outside of the UK charges will apply. You also the option to have your post scanned and emailed the same day. Both mail forwarding options are completely free of charge, without a mail handling or postage fee. This affordable service makes this package a popular choice amongst many businesses and start-ups.

Are normal business letters included?

No, business letters that would normally be sent to an office address are not included in this service. Letters from banks, clients, and suppliers that you would normally expect to receive at an office address are not included with this service.

If you do require the facility to receive business letters, we would strongly recommend purchasing our business address service that would allow you to receive normal business post at our London address.

Why do I need a registered office address?

It is a legal requirement for all UK companies to provide a registered office address. This location will serve as the official address for all correspondence from Companies House and HMRC. The address is publicly available and has to legally be displayed on company correspondence and websites.

The address you provide must be a real UK address, not a PO Box. Our registered office address service is ideal as it provides you with a London address that will help keep your details safe. When we receive statutory post from Companies House and HMRC in your company name, we will forward this to an address of your choice.

Who can use this service?

This service can only be used by companies that are incorporated in England & Wales or are in the process of planning to incorporate a company in this jurisdiction. Companies that have been formed either in Scotland (SC) or Northern Ireland (NI) are required to have a registered office in the same country as where they are registered.

Frequently asked questions

We gathered all questions you may have about our company, process, packages and pricing.

Do I require a registered office address?

If you own or are planning to register a UK company then a registered office address is legally required. The address acts as the company’s official correspondence address and is where the official notices and correspondence will be sent, the likes of HMRC, Companies House, ICO and other Government bodies will send correspondence relating to the company to this address. The registered office address will be listed publicly and available for anyone to locate online.

What is the main difference between your registered office and your virtual office service?

Our virtual office address allows a business or company to use our address in London as their trading address. This allows the client to use the address on all correspondence such as websites, marketing material, letterheads and even bank accounts. Whereas the registered office can only be used at Companies House.

What happens after I make payment online for the registered office address?

Once you have purchased the registered office address online, you will have an email confirming your order details. You are then free to use the address at Companies House.

How do you forward post to me?

We have an expert team who processes your mail daily, all mail that is received on your behalf is digitized and sent to you electronically.

What identity documents do I need to supply?

Like all company agents, we require identity documents from our clients. This is a very simple process and in most cases only takes a few minutes online. We use a secure system authorised by the UK government that allows you to take a photo of your documentation. However, you are welcome to upload copies if you have them. In most instances, we require a valid photographic identity document issued by your government (global) and proof of address.

Can I have parcels sent to your registered office address?

We do not accept parcels with our registered office address. The registered office address is only for use at Companies House and as such only statutory mail will be received. If you wish to have parcels sent we would ask you to also purchase the virtual business address service which allows this.

How do I change my registered office address to yours?

If you have an existing Ltd company and wish to update the address to ours then we can provide advice on how to change the address. In most instances, it’s a very straightforward process and can be completed online very quickly.

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Ahmed Hassn, 45 minutes ago

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