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Nominee Services

Keep the identity of the share holder or company secretary off public record

What is a nominee service?

A nominee service will allow you to keep the identity of the share holder or company secretary off public record.

It is a legal requirement that all UK companies provide details of who the shareholder and company secretary is. These details are held on public record which are viewable by anyone who wishes to view them at Companies House. Our nominee services allows us to take the place of your share holder / secretary ensuring your details are securely protected from public view. We treat confidentiality seriously.

Important information on opening bank accounts

We do not under any circumstance open or get involved with opening a bank account as a nominee. This also include signatures such as bank mandates or identity checks. You would need to speak to the bank before using our nominee services to make sure there will be no issues with the opening of an account if you have a nominee service linked to your company.

Buy Nominee Services

Nominee Shareholder £124.00 /year

Having a nominee shareholder can help maint the privacy of the beneficial owner. This service is often used by a company which has been created for holding shares on behalf of investors.

Nominee Secretary £78.00 /year

Use our nominee secretary service if you want the nominee to appear on public record.


Why use a nominee service?
Our nominee services are used by people who do not want to have their information held on public record, allowing the actual person to remain off record and private.

What is a deed of Indemnity?
We use a Deed of Indemnity to legally state that we do not get involved with the day to day running of the company. Our nominee service is a signing capacity only, we act on the decisions and instructions you make. Our service is just to protect the actual owners from showing their details on public record at Companies House.

Who uses our nominee services?
Only a person who is looking to form a company through our website will be able to use our services.

Nominee Shareholder

£124 /year

Nominee Secretary

£78 /year

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