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When will I receive my UTR?

Your unique tax reference (UTR) number is normally received as early as 15 working days but could take up to 5-6 weeks after incorporation.

Where do I find my UTR?

Your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number is usually the first letter sent to you by HMRC, around 5-6 weeks after your company is formed. It is usually a 10-digit code. This will be posted to your registered address.

When will I receive my VAT number?

The timeline for HMRC to approve new VAT registrations can vary significantly, based on HMRC’s workload and the information submitted by the customer. The VAT registration process typically takes 30 – 40 days, although it can often take longer.

What is Confirmation statement?

The confirmation statement is a document that limited companies and LLPs must file at Companies House each year. For limited companies, the confirmation statement contains details of its directors and shareholders, while the confirmation statement of an LLP lists its members. Our team can help, we do offer a confirmation statement filing service which can be purchased on our website under “additional company services”.

Why and when do I need to file confirmation statement?

It is a legal requirement that every company, including dormant and non-trading companies, must file a confirmation statement. It confirms the information about your company is up to date. You must file a confirmation statement at least once a year. Our team can help, we do offer a confirmation statement filing service which can be purchased on our website under “additional company services”.

What happens if I don't file a confirmation statement?

The confirmation statement must always be filed however, even if this is overdue, as failure to file the confirmation statement is a criminal offence. If you file it too late Companies House may strike off the company (close the company) for non-receipt of the confirmation statement.

Why is my company not yet incorporated?

There are many reasons why a company is not yet incorporated, but the most common reason is the ID verification process has not been completed yet. Please contact us to check on the status of your application.

Where can I find my company's Authentication Code?

If we registered the company for you, you could locate your company's Authentication Code by logging into our online account.

Do I have to submit ID documents?

As Formation agents, we are legally required to obtain Identification under MLR and KYC legislation.

Your Company Formations is regulated by several legal requirements including the London Local Authorities Act 2007 and the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Regulations 2019. In addition, we apply Know Your Customer best practice. In essence, all these requirements mean we need to check the ID and addresses of people setting and incorporating up companies through us. This often means checking documents of account holder, directors / some shareholders and officers of the company where applicable.

Why are my services cancelled, what should I do?

The most common reasons why a service is cancelled are: 1. The service(s) expired. 2. The credit card on file has expired or there is no stored payment option, disabling the auto- renewal. 3. The auto- renewal feature was disabled. Our team are on hand to help, please contact us so we can investigate your account and help further.

How will I receive my mail that is sent to your office?

If you hold an activce address service that includes statutory mail we will then scan all post to you once it is received at our address. The process is normally very quick and we send the digital version of the letter to your email address within 24 hours upon receipt. If you have a service that also includes general business letters, we automatically post these to your provided forwarding address un-opened. You can see active services within your account on our website, please login to view details. Our team is also on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Are my packages a onetime payment?

Our address services included in some of the packages are on a yearly renewal basis. Please contact our team for further information if required.

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