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Limited company

Company Limited by Shares Comparison

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Company Limited by Guarantee

Your Company Formations offer two services - our standard package for (price) including our standard legally-checked set of Articles for your use. If you want to apply for a "limited name exemption" or if you want to use a sensitive word in your company name, please choose our Advanced package for (price) - again, you can use your own Articles or edit our legally-checked set of Articles to suit your requirements.

What's Included



Providing a company limited by guarantee using our model Articles

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Apply for 'Limited' name exemption or the use of a sensitive word in the company name and use your own Articles

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Property Management Company

Used to acquire, hold, maintain, refurbish, manage and administer leasehold or freehold properties. We offer two options, one with share capital, and also one without share capital (suitable for a not-for-profit company).Note: Our model Articles may not be suitable for many clients with specific requirements and objectives. We offer the facility for clients to use their own Articles or edit our model Articles - to suit their purpose.

What's Included

Limited by Shares


Providing a company limited by guarantee using our model Articles

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Limited by Guarantee


Apply for 'Limited' name exemption or the use of a sensitive word in the company name and use your own Articles

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Charity Company

Order Now Only £39.99 +VAT

Set up a charity company. Use your own Articles or edit our model 'Charity' Articles.Set up a charity company. Use your own Articles or edit our model 'Charity' Articles.Set up a charity company. Use your own Articles or edit our model 'Charity' Articles.The company structure we offer is a company limited by guarantee. We provide Model Charity Articles, which you can edit and insert your company's objects. Alternatively, you can use your own Articles. We recommend all clients who want charity status for their company, to follow the Charity Commission's guidance on to draft charitable objects.

Note: This package does not include registration with the Charity Commission, which is an option you may choose later.

What's Included

Charity Company


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Right to Manage Company

Order Now Only £48.99 +VAT

Set up a Right to Manage company at Companies House. This type of company is used by tenants who wish to take over the management of the building they share, from the landlord.

Please note: We do not advise on the process of taking over the management of the property - we form the RTM company only. The registered office and premises of an RTM company must be in England or Wales (not applicable to Scotland or N.Ireland). Note: This package does not include registration with the Charity Commission, which is an option you may choose later.

What's Included

Right to Manage Company


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Limited Liability Partnership Company Package

Order Now Only £24.99 +VAT

LLP registration in just 3 to 6 hours
A Limited Liability Partnership is the most popular incorporated business structure amongst industry professionals like accountants and solicitors who most often operate as partnerships. The added benefit of an LLP over a traditional partnership, however, is the limited lability provided to each member, or partner.

At a cost of just £29.99 plus VAT, our LLP package offers excellent value and provides online company set up in 3 to 6 working hours, digital and printed LLP incorporation documents and a free draft LLP Agreement. There is no need to use an LLP Agreement, but many partnerships prefer to have one drawn up, and it really is essential if you plan to divide profits between members in any way other than equally.

Once your LLP has been approved by Companies House, we will issue a draft LLP Agreement by email. You can then edit this document with the relevant details and email it back to us. We will then send 2 printed copies of the LLP Agreement to you by first class post

What's Included

Limited Liability Partnership


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Public Limited Company

Order Now Only £149.99 +VAT

A Public Limited Company or PLC, is a company with limited liability whose shares can be advertised and sold to the public. This type of company may also be listed on a stock exchange.

PLC requirements:

  • A minimum of two directors must be appointed, together with a qualified company secretary, e.g. A chartered secretary, a solicitor, a chartered accountant.
  • It requires having a nominal share capital of at least £50,000. All allotted shares must be paid up to at least one quarter of their nominal value. Therefore, subscribers to a PLC must contribute a minimum of £12,500.
  • Before trading can commence, a trading certificate needs to be issued by Companies House to confirm the company has allotted the minimum share capital and a quarter of its value has been paid up.
  • Articles of Association: The model Articles included in this package may not be suitable for clients wishing to apply for a stock exchange listing. If you require a listing, we would advise using your own bespoke Articles.

What's Included

Public Limited Company


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Frequently asked questions

We gathered all questions you may have about our company, process, packages and pricing.

Can I set up a company on my own?

Yes, one person can register and form a Limited Company online, it can be owned, managed and run by one person. The person would be the sole director and shareholder of the company. Using our online company registration service takes the effort out of forming a new company.

What are the benefits of using your registered office & director's address?

When you register a new limited company online, you will be asked to provide a registered office address and a correspondence address for all directors. This information with then be published online at Companies House. Most clients prefer not to have their personal details published online and as such choose our address services to help them keep their address private.

The benefit is very simple, it enables you to keep your address on public record and helps to prevent companies, agencies and the general public from obtaining your contact information.

Why do I need an online company formation package?

Your Company Formations have created a streamlined method for the process of registering a company with Companies House. The packages we have created are solely to improve your experience of owning and running a company. As standard, we would include the following;

Official Incorporation and Registration at Companies House
Official Documentation such as a Certificate of Incorporation
Privacy Address Service & Banking Solutions that are not available directly with Companies House

Your Company Formations have a range of different packages we have been designed to cater for various requirements. We would strongly recommend reviewing our compare package page which will allow you to explore the whole host of different services we provide our company formation clients. Remember if you are unsure of which is the most suitable service please get in touch with our friendly team today.

Can I secure a company name and not use the company?

Yes, many clients choose to purchase one of our company formation packages with the intention of reserving the name for use at a later day. This is called a “dormant” company or “inactive” company. This allows our clients to reserve a company name which prevent others from registering the same name. Dormant companies have no financial transactions, however, it is important to understand that the directors of the dormant company will be required to file dormant accounts each year and an annual confirmation statement at Companies House.

Can I upgrade my company package after purchase?

You can add any service we offer to your company after purchase, however, we do offer discounted services when purchased as a package at the outset. This means it may be cheaper to purchase a larger package initially than to add on separate services at a later date. All of our additional company services are available to purchase after incorporation at any time via your online account.

I’m a non-UK resident, can I buy any company package?

If you are based overseas then it is recommended you use our international package as this contains essential services that are required for a non-resident. We have thousands of happy clients who have purchased the international package which also includes the courier of the official printed documents to your home address overseas.

What information and documentation do I need to supply?

When you register a company with Your Company Formations we aim to keep the process as simple as possible. No documentation is required for the company application form. We request information such as;

  • Your chosen company name
  • Your company registered office address
  • Director(s) information and contact details
  • Shareholder(s) information and contact details.
  • Shareholding information including the number of shares held

In most instances, the form can be completed in approximately 5-10 minutes. Once the company formation application form is submitted an invitation from Credas (UK Government Approved Third Party Partner) will ask you to upload or take a photo of your identity documents online through a secure portal.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs for any of our packages. We advertise a fair, transparent cost for our services, so there are no unexpected fees added at the end of the checkout process. We include the Companies House charge of £13.00 with all our formation packages. This fee is charged on all new formations and is included in the price you see. Contact us to understand more about our packages and pricing structure.

How many shares do I have to issue?

Companies House require a Limited Company to have at least one share minimum (per shareholder, minimum shareholders one). There is no limit to the number of shares held by a shareholder. Our company formation service allows you to add as many shareholders and share classes as you require.

Is the Companies House fee included?

The Companies House fee is included with all of Your Company Formation Ltd's company formation services, including the International Pack. This is because we cover the cost of the Companies House incorporation fee on your behalf.

This is a good thing, as it means that you don't have to worry about paying any additional fees to Companies House. It also means you can be confident that your company will be formed quickly and correctly.

When do I receive my cashback offer?

When you form a company through us and opt for a bank or merchant account introductory offer, we will send your details directly to the company. A representative will then contact you to set up a meeting. Once your bank account is open, you will then be able to claim your cashback by logging back into our company manager account.

When will I be able to start trading?

Your Limited Company Formation should be registered with Companies House normally 3-6 working hours once the application is fully completed on our website. You will receive a notification telling you that your new company formation application has been approved. You will then also receive digital copies of your company documents as a PDF file to your chosen email address.

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The company's explanation vide…

The company's explanation videos and the sheer amount of relevant information made me choose them. A...

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The company's explanation vide…

The company's explanation videos and the sheer amount of relevant information made me choose them. A...

Ahmed Hassn, 45 minutes ago

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