Flexible price plans with pay-as-you-go fixed monthly standard - Accept Credit Cards When You Form A Company With Us

It’s difficult getting a new business set up. There are many challenges that entrepreneurs must face, least of all a competitive marketplace. With a Worldpay Merchant Account, your company can start accepting card payments today, meaning your company can begin trading immediately. This makes your business banking a lot easier.

No matter how you intend on taking card payments, whether it’s directly, via the phone, or online, you can guarantee a smooth and secure service to your customers.

Reasons to choose Worldpay.

  • Receive £55 cashback when you open an account with any of our banking partners, including Worldpay.
  • Give your customers the freedom of choice. Worldpay offers a comprehensive service that’s sure to satisfy your clients.
  • Increase your earnings. Card payments are often higher than those made in cash, and happy customers are repeat customers.
  • Show your credentials. Even if you’re a new business, having a reputable payment option gives your firm credibility and gives customers peace of mind.  
  • Effortless payments. Staff members can quickly process payments via card, rather than have to worry about handling cash and calculating change. Plus, the money is paid directly into your merchant account.
  • Increased security. You have the option to screen payments as they are processed, giving your business an extra layer of security against fraud.

So, if you want happy and loyal customers, increased earnings, productive staff and a credible, highly efficient business, choose a Worldpay account today and start accepting card payments.

Benefits of Card Payments for Your Business:

Keeping Your Business Banking Safe And Secure

Running a business can be fraught with potential fraud and scam attempts. Card payments can help prevent this by offering advanced fraud protection. Not only does it offer this protection, but taking payments via credit or debit card means you have less cash on your premises. Therefore, you’ll be less exposed to potential theft, and will have to take fewer trips to the bank.

Reducing Your Running Costs

By accepting card payments, your business can operate much more efficiently. Not only does it save time when processing payments, but it means you’ll spend less time counting cash and depositing it at the bank.

Helping Your Business Grow

One of the benefits of Worldpay is that it’s scalable to businesses of all sizes and types. Regardless of whether you’re processing card payments in a retail store, over the phone, or online, you can still receive the same great service and protection. When you’re ready to expand your operation, Worldpay will be there to help with the transition. With Worldpay’s multi-currency service, businesses can accept and process payments in over 120 currencies.

Terms And Conditions

The Worldpay Merchant Account offer is available to all company types. Companies with overseas directors and shareholders are also eligible. This offer, however, is not available to any company with a nominee director or shareholder.