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The International Pack is ideal for international clients based anywhere across the globe, who are non- residents and require to form a UK Company. It gives your company a full London presence, including business trading address through the use of our prestigious central City Road EC1 address. This company package costs just £108.48 and includes all fees. As part of the UKs ongoing effort to prevent financial crime and money laundering we have been advised to not work with countries listed on their High Risk Jurisdiction list which can be found here. The good news is that for the vast majority of international clients we can do business with, in fact 171 countries are green lighted for business.

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  • Companies House £13 fee included

  • Read-to-trade limited company

  • 3-hour online formation. No signatures or paperwork required

  • Free business bank account with cashback

  • Merchant account with cashback

  • Free online company manager

  • Printed Share Certificates

  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation

  • Printed Minutes of First Board Meeting

  • All company documents sent to you by email

  • Email copy of Certificate of Incorporation

  • Email copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association

  • Email copy of Share Certificate

  • Registered office services at City Road, London EC1

  • Directors' service address at City Road, London EC1

  • Free £75 Google Adwords voucher

  • Free domain name

  • Annual return filing service

  • Virtual address mail forwarding service City Road London EC1

  • International post forwarding

  • FedEx worldwide delivery for company documents

  • VAT registration service

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Pack Overview

Entrepreneurs from outside the U.K. can still take advantage of our professional business services from as little as £108.48. This formation package includes all three of our address services, situated in the heart of London. Your prospective clients and suppliers will undoubtedly be impressed with your company’s address status, and it will help your business gain a strong foothold inside the UK.

Our mail-forwarding business address service allows you to receive all of your business post at our Central London address. This package also includes a registered office address service and a director’s service address, both of which are also situated in London.

What Else Is Included?

We aim to provide our International Pack customers with everything their business could possibly require. This includes both printed and digital copies of your company incorporation documents, a printed and bound copy of your Memorandum & Articles of Association, an annual return filing service, VAT registration and much more. We also include an international courier service so you will safely receive your documents at your chosen address within a matter of days.

The service also includes a free accountant introduction. This accountant will be happy to discuss any tax matters you have to help your company get off to the best possible start in the UK. You will also be given access to our leading company formation admin portal, which allows you to manage your company online.

Who Is The International Non Resident Package Designed For?

This company formation pack is ideally suited to clients who are based outside of the UK. It is ideal if you are looking to impress clients with a prestigious London address. The pack includes everything a Non-resident requires in order to get off to the best possible start when trading with the UK.

How Long Does It Take To Form A Company?

Our formation process is straightforward, and the application takes no longer than a few minutes. We do not require any documents from you in order to process your company formation. Generally, Companies House will form the company in about three working hours, but this can vary depending on their workload.

Excellent Value For Money

We strive to offer our customers the best possible value for money. The International Package represents over £500 in savings when compared to purchasing each service individually. It also includes all of the necessary fees to set up a company.

Company Formation Package Key Features

Priced at just £108.48, the Digital company Formation Pack includes all of the essentials you need to form a limited company that is ready to trade.

Forms Submitted Instantly

As soon as you have completed the straightforward application process, your forms will be sent directly to Companies House. After they have incorporated your company, we will instantly notify you of the completion of the process.

Receive Your Formation Documents Immediately

Once Companies House has incorporated your company, we will email you digital copies of your formation documents immediately. This means that you can start trading straight away. You will also receive your Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Share Certificates in the post.

Free Cash Back

Customers who form a company with us are given an exclusive offer of a free bank or merchant trading account. Additionally, you can then claim up to £55 cashback once your account is set up.

International Courier

When your company has been incorporated, we will send your documents via our international courier service to your chosen address.

A Directors' Service Address

In addition to your registered office address, you will also have access to a director’s service address, adding another layer of legitimacy and security.

Paperwork-Free Setup

You don’t need to worry about providing endless paperwork or signatures to set up your company. Our application process is hassle-free and convenient.

Online Company Manager Access

Our online company manager allows you to fully manage your company via our online portal. This service allows you to easily make changes to your company, which can save you costs later on.

Transparent Fees

The International Package, like all our other packages, includes all of the fees in the price quoted. We never surprise our customers by adding on extra charges at the checkout, and include the £13.00 Companies House fee in all of our prices.

Ready-To-Trade Company

As soon as Companies House incorporates your company, it will be ready to start trading. This is usually a fast process; it takes around three working hours for the application to go through. We will send you your digital copies of your company documents as soon as the process is complete.

Printed Minutes Of First Board Meeting

You will be provided with a printed hard copy of your initial board meeting minutes. This will show the first resolutions your company has passed.

Official Office Address

When you create a limited company with us, you will be given access to our prestigious Central London registered office address. This will both impress your clients and keep your private details off the public record.

A Mail Forwarding Address

Your clients and customers will be able to contact you directly at your London address, and we will then forward all of your company mail to your designated address anywhere in the world.

Professional Support And Advice

Getting started with a new company can have its difficulties, which is why we are on hand to provide professional support and advice. You can contact our experts via phone, email, and online chat and we’ll help you every step of the way. We make our services available to customers before, during, and after the company formation process.

Excellent Partner Offers

When you choose Your Company Formations you are also getting access to a wide range of exceptional partner offers. From bank accounts to website design there will be an offer suitable for all.

Tree Planting

Start your company with some good feeling. Your Company Formations will plant a tree with every new client order. Thousands of trees have been planted so far and the amount we are planting is growing rapidly.

Open a business bank account with one of our Partners

Enjoy unique benefits to help your business grow when setting up with Your Company Formations. Receive fantastic offers from our partners, including free banking and up to £155 CashBack.*

Up to £75 Cash Back

Instant one-off payments + Automated recurring payments

Up to £50 Cash Back

Including 12 months of free business banking

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Including 12 months of free business banking

Why Choose Your Company Formations Package?

Your Company Formations is the UK’s leading company formation agent. When you choose us as your company partner you are choosing a team that has years of industry expertise. You can rest assured that your company will be handled by a Companies House authorised formations agent. Our services are reliable, professional and this is backed up by a customer service team that is second to none. We will be there for you throughout your company journey and will be providing 5* assistance when you require us.

  • Top Rated Company Formation Agent

    Thousands of happy clients rate our expert team

  • Super Fast Service

    An incredibly efficient team at your disposal

  • Incredible Partner Offers

    Only the best brands will do for our clients

  • Free Expert Support

    The leading customer service team ready to help

  • Exclusive Cash Back Offers

    Take advantage of our amazing cash back benefits

Help build new woods, forest and habitats

Start your company with good vibes. Your Company Formations team will plant a tree with every new client order. Thousands of trees planted and growing rapidly!

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Frequently asked questions

We gathered all questions you may have about our company, process, packages and pricing.

Am I required to visit the UK in order to register a UK Company?

In short, No. Your Company Formations has made it very easy for non-residents to incorporate a UK company online. Our expert team will register your UK Limited Company at Companies House without the need for you to travel to the UK.

Do I need to be a UK Citizen to register a UK Company?

You do not need to be a UK citizen in order to register a company at Companies House. We work with thousands of clients from across the globe, helping them successfully incorporate new companies within the UK.

What documents are required in order to register a UK Company from overseas?

We have helped thousands of international clients open and operate UK companies from overseas. We have made the process very straightforward and as a foreign national, you are required to provide certain information via our simple online application form.

You will need to provide at the very minimum; one director and one shareholder (this can be the same person) who is over the age of 16. It is also a legal requirement for the company to have a UK registered office address which is included with our international package.

What documents will I receive once my company has been registered?

With our international package, we provide you with the official documents electronically via email and we also courier the official physical hard copies to your address no matter where you are based.

This will include the Certificate of Incorporation (COI), Share Certificates for each shareholder and the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Do I need to supply a UK resident director?

No this is not required. Non-resident clients based outside of the UK are not required to provide a UK resident director. This means the director of the company can reside outside of the UK.

Can a UK Company use a foreign bank account outside of the UK

Yes, this is quite normal. Many of our clients choose to operate a foreign bank account outside of the UK.

What is the definition of a UK resident company?

A UK resident company is a company that has been incorporated at Companies House in the United Kingdom. The UK company will be liable to pay taxes to HMRC as it falls within its tax jurisdiction.

Can I run a UK company whilst living overseas?

Yes, many clients run a successful UK company whilst living abroad. The company is legally required to have a UK registered office address. A director is not required to provide a UK correspondence address.

Is it a legal requirement for a company to have a UK business bank account?

At present there is no legal requirement for a UK company to have a bank account located in the UK. We would strongly recommend opening a UK bank account with your UK company as there are benefits such as exchange range, client confidence and clear audit trails for accounting purposes.

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The company's explanation vide…

The company's explanation videos and the sheer amount of relevant information made me choose them. A...

Ahmed Hassn, 45 minutes ago

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