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International Company Pack (Non Residents)

What’s included

Pack Overview

The International Pack is ideal for international clients based anywhere across the globe, who are non residents and require to form a company inside the UK.

The International Company Package gives your company a full UK London presence including business trading address through the use of our prestigious central London, City Road EC1 address. This company package costs just £118.98 and includes all fees. 

This formation package includes all three of our prestigious central London address services, situated in the heart of London. Your prespective clients and suppliers will undoubtedly be impressed with your companies address status and will help your company get a strong foot hold inside the UK.

Our mail forwarding business address service allows you to receive all business post at our prestigious central London EC1 address. This package also includes a registered office address service and a directors service address again situated at our prestigious central London location.

What else is included?

This company formation packge is fully loaded with everything your business would possibly require; from hard printed copies and electronic versions of your company incorporation documents, printed & bound memorandum & articles of association, an annual return filing service, VAT registration and much more. We also include an international courier service so you will safely receive these documents at your chosen address within a matter of days.

We also include a free accountant introduction who will be happy to discuss any tax matters to help your company get off to the best possible start inside the UK. Another superb benefit when choosing our company is that you have access to our leading Company Formation Admin Portal which allows you to manage your company online.

Who is the pack designed for?

This company formation pack is ideally suited to clients who are based outside of the UK. It is ideal if you are looking to impress clients with a prestigious London address. It includes everything a Non Resident would require in order to get off to the best possible start when trading with the UK.

What do I need to do, how long does it take?

Our formation process is straight forward and takes no longer than a few minutes. We do not require any documents from you in order to process your company formation. Generally Comapnies House will form the company in about 3 hours, but this can very depending on work loads.

Superb value for money

This company formation package represents excellent value for money, in total over £500 worth of savings has been added to this package when compared to purcashing the included services on their own.

Key Features

Instant Companies House Submission

Once you complete your online company application via our website, your details will be sent to instantly to Companies House. We will then instantly email you the documents as soon as it has been incorporated.

All Fees included

All fees are included with our company formation packages this also included the £13.00 charge from Companies House for the incorporation of your company. We operate a transparent pricing structure so our clients can clearly see what they are paying before it’s to late.

Official Documents Emailed

With this company formation package you will receive hard copies which will be posted as well as electronic copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Share Certificates. These will be emailed directly to you as a PDF document.

A registered office address

Included in this package is a prestigious central London registered office address designed to impress your customers and clients whilst keeping your personal details off public record.

A director’s service address

Included in this package is a prestigious central London director’s service office address designed to impress your customers and clients whilst keeping your personal details off public record.

A mail forwarding address

Included in this package is a prestigious central London mail forwarding address designed to impress your customers allowing you to receive all business post at this address and then have it forwarded worldwide.

Printed Minutes of First Board Meeting

A printed hard copy of your initial board meeting minutes, this will show the first resolutions passed.

Ready to trade company

When you form this company, the company will be ready to start trading today. All our Companies that are Limited by shares will allow you to start trading once you receive confirmation of the electronic copies to your email.

Free Cash Back

When you form a company with us you get an exclusive offer of a free bank account or merchant trading account that allows you to reive up to £55 cash back. If you decide to take up this offer we will automatically forward your application to the chosen organisation.

Free Support & Advice

Your Company Formations provide free support and advice to all our clients. We provide free support and advice via telephone, email and our website chat portal. Support and advice is always provided before, during and after the company formation process.

No need for paperwork

Using our company formation service couldn’t be easier. We do not require any paperwork, signature or documents from you.

Free Company Manager

Our online company manager allows you to fully manage your company via our portal. Making changes to the company couldn’t be simpler it also saves you costs further down the line.

International Courier

When the Company has been incorporated we will send your documents via our internatioanl courier service to your chosen address.






  • Companies House £13 Fee Included
  • Ready to trade Ltd Company
  • Instant Submission No signatures or paperwork
  • Free Business Bank Account
  • Merchant Account with cashback
  • Free Online Company Manager
  • Printed Share Certificates
  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Printed Minutes of First Board Meeting
  • Bound Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • All company documents sent to you by email
  • Email copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Email copy of Memorandum & Articles of association
  • Email copy of share certificate
  • Email copy of company register with first entries
  • Registered office services City Road, London EC1
  • Directors Service Address City Road, London EC1
  • "Virtual address" mail forwarding service City Road London EC1
  • International Post Forwarding
  • Free Domain Name
  • Annual Return Filing Service
  • "FedEx Delivery for Company Documents (Worldwide)
  • "VAT Registration Service
  • Free £75 Google Adwords Voucher

Cashback included

This pack qualifies for £55 Cashback from one of our banking partners


Quick Turnaround

Our direct filing system with companies house means that most companies are formed within 3 working hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common concerns 

What is needed from me?

We do not require any documents from you when you form a company online with us. A Limited company does require a registered office address, director and a shareholder holding at least one share.

When do I receive my cash back offer?

When you form a company through us and you have opted for a bank or merchant account introductory offer we will send your details directly to the company. A representative will then contact you to setup a meeting.

Once your account is opened you will then be able to claim your cash back by logging back into our company manager account.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs with any of our packages, we believe in a fair transparent pricing structure so there are no hidden fees added at the end of the checkout process.

We include the Companies House charge of £13.00 with all our formation packages. This fee is charged on all new formations and this is included in the price you see.

When will I be able to start trading?

our Limited Company should be registered with Companies House within 3 working hours once the application is fully completed on our website. You will receive a notification telling you that your new company formation application has been approved. You will then also receive digital copies of your company documents as a PDF file to your chosen email address.

How many shares do I have to issue?

Companies House require a Limited Company to have at least one share minimum (per shareholder, minimum shareholders one). There is no limit to the number of shares held by a shareholder.

Can I set up a company on my own?

Yes one person can form a Limited Company, it can be owned, managed and run by one person. The person would be the sole director and shareholder of the company.


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