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Dormant company accounts

The full service from Your Company Formation includes the dormant company accounts filing fee

Dormant company accounts to FRS102 - summary

Except for certain types of insurance and financial firms, companies which are not trading can file much simpler dormant accounts every year.

If your company needs to file dormant accounts, the Companies Act (2006) is the relevant regulation that you need to follow. Your dormant accounts need to be filed within 9 months of the end of your company's accounting period or you will receive a £100 penalty fine from Companies House.

Your Company Formations will prepare and file dormant company accounts normally within 2 working days if your business has never traded. If your company has previously traded and is now dormant, the process may take a day longer so we advise that you get in touch with us 5-7 working days before the due date.

For help and advice on filing dormant company accounts, please call us on +44 (0) 207 689 7888 or email us at


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Filing dormant company accounts - our service

Completion and submission of AA01 form to FRS102 standard

For new companies which did not incorporate using our service, we will just need to know the name of your company, company number, authentication code (sent out by Companies House direct to your registered address), share capital, and the name of one director. If you used us to incorporate your business, we will already have this information on file.

Confirmation of submission

Once we have submit your AA01 form, we will email you confirmation of this. When we have confirmation from Companies House that they are happy with the content included on your AA01 form, we will also email you to let you know that you have met your company's obligations.

Frequently asked questions

Why are some companies dormant?

Companies are dormant often due to either restructuring, owner illness, or in preparation for a later product or service launch.

Are there any actions that mean my company is not dormant?

If you have paid dividends, paid employees, paid bank charges, or settled an invoice within the last 12 months, both Companies House and HMRC will consider that your business is not dormant. You will be required to file normal accounts to Companies House and to make a full Company Tax submission to HMRC.

Other important information

When filing your dormant company accounts to Companies House, we make sure that the information you submit is compatible with accounting standard FRS102. Your company must be up to date on all payments including to suppliers and to HMRC. Many accountants advice that you close your company bank account if your business is currently dormant.

Even if your company is dormant, you are still required to submit a confirmation statement every year.

How do you file dormant company accounts to HMRC?

If you have not told HMRC that your company is dormant, you must complete an annual HMRC Company Tax Return. Once you have notified HMRC that the company is dormant, you do not need to complete an annual tax return until you tell HMRC that your business has begun trading.

How do you file dormant company account to Companies House?

When we file your dormant company accounts to Companies House, we use Dormant Company Accounts Form AA02.

What fines are levied if I file my dormant company account late with Companies House?

Companies House will fine you £100 if your dormant company accounts is overdue. The fine rises to £375 after one month, £750 if more than three months' late, and £1,500 if more than 6 months late. If your accounts are late for more than one year in a row, the fines issued are doubled.

Companies House will not consider an appeal to have any fines against your company dropped because your company is dormant.


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