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Your Company Formations offer two services - our standard package for (price) including our standard legally-checked set of Articles for your use. If you want to apply for a "limited name exemption" or if you want to use a sensitive word in your company name, please choose our Advanced package for (price) - again, you can use your own Articles or edit our legally-checked set of Articles to suit your requirements.


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Register a company limited by guarantee - summary

Companies limited by guarantee are often social enterprises - bodies like membership organisations, worker co-operatives, sports clubs, and community centres. They're a different type of limited company offering their shareholders limited financial exposure and liability in the event that their enterprise enters insolvency.

Unlike a standard limited company, there are no shareholders or shares - there are guarantors who agree in advance to pay up to an agreement amount towards company liabilities.

Again, unlike a standard limited company, profits are not generally distributed to the shareholders because any surplus funds should be re-invested to help the company achieve its social or other aims. Guarantors are legally entitled to take profits from the limited company but, if they do so, the company will lose its right to be considered as a not-for-profit enterprise.

As with a standard limited company, a company limited by guarantee has its own legal identity and the personal finances of its guarantors are protected because of the pre-agreed limit of liability put in place at formation and from that point onward.

Your Company Formations has been involved in the successful setting up of hundreds of companies limited by guarantee. Our team of experienced staff will work with from you right from the initial set-up through to the point of establishment of your company limited by guarantee and beyond.

Companies limited by guarantee are not a suitable legal vehicle for the formation of a charitable company. Please click on our "Charity" page to find out more.

For help and advice on forming a company limited by guarantee, please call us on (telephone number) or email us at (email address).

Company Limited by Guarantee Pack Includes:

  • Filing fee inclusive - we pay the Companies House filing fee on your behalf
  • Fastest service - limited by guarantee company incorporated within 2-6 hours (depending on Companies House)
  • Successful application for limited name exemption using your own Articles of Association or you can edit our legally-checked set of Articles to include your company objects
  • Successful application to include Benevolent, Association, Society, Federation, Trust, or Foundation in your company name using your own Articles of Association or you can edit our legally-checked set of Articles to include the sensitive words of your choice
  • Our bespoke Articles package allows you to upload your own personalised Articles or to use Your Company Formation's legally-checked set of Articles
  • Certificate of Incorporation delivered by email and on high quality paper
  • Guarantor certificates delivered by email and on high quality paper
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association delivered by email and on high quality paper
  • Free business account with cashback (subject to acceptance)
  • Free merchant account with cashback (subject to acceptance) (allowing you to accept debit and credit cards)
  • Free online company manager - manage your limited by guarantee company online and receive company alerts and reminders
  • Free support for the life of your company
  • Free review - our team will review and check your order prior to dispatch to Companies House
  • Google AdWords - spend £25 and receive a free £75 voucher to spend marketing your limited company by guarantee online
  • Internet presence starter kit - we'll pay for your or .com domain name for the first year

Limited By Guarantee

Standrad Pack


Limited By Guarantee

Bespoke Pack


Incorporating a company limited by guarantee – our service

More reasons to buy this package

Instant submission to Companies House

Our service is automatic - when you complete your company limited by guarantee registration on our website, we'll check the details and submit them straight away to Companies House. As soon as they have approved the documents and you have been incorporated, we'll email you to let you know.

All fees included in the price

Companies House charge for the registration of companies limited by guarantee - all Companies House fees are included in our price. Your Company Formations has always had a transparent pricing structure so you know what you're paying for and how much it costs before you choose to use us.

Official documents emailed to you

By choosing our company limited by guarantee formation package, you'll receive electronic copes of your Certificate of Incorporation, your Memorandum of Association, your Articles of Association, your Guarantor certificates, and the first entries onto your Company Register.

Ready to trade

In nearly all circumstances, you'll be ready to start trading on the same day that you form your company limited by guarantee through us.

Free cash back

For every company limited by guarantee, it's important to have a bank account to handle company cash and merchant facilities to take payments from members, subscribers, and customers. We can organise both for you and pay you (or an organisation of your choice) up to £55 cash back.

Ongoing support and advice

We have always provided free support and advice to all of our clients via telephone, email, and our website chat portal. We work with clients before, during, and after the set-up of their company limited by guarantee.

Free online company manager

You can easily manage your company limited by guarantee online using our internet portal. It's easy to make changes to your company details when needed and our service saves you additional costs and fees in the future.

We can even fund your startup with cashback rewards


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Concerns

Registering a company limited by guarantee at Companies House

What are the features of a company limited by guarantee?

Companies limited by guarantee do not have shareholders - they have guarantors who have agreed to pay up to a certain amount to creditors in the case of insolvency. Profits made by a company limited by guarantee are normally re-invested into the company to better pursue its social, philanthropic, community, or other aims.

Do I get company limited by guarantee articles of association?

When you incorporate your company limited by guarantee, you must submit both a Memorandum of Association (showing who the guarantors are) and adopt Articles of Association (the regulations and internal rules your company will follow). We can provide you with both as part of our service. We also have a legally-checked and editable Articles of Association that you can use if you need it to adapt it to your company's specific requirements.

Do I need to provide a registered office address?

Yes. Your registered office address will be available to view on the public register. You must use a full postal address and not a PO Box number.

Do I need to inform Companies House and HMRC about what we do?

Yes. On your form, we will need to complete the Standard Industry Classification section for you. We will chose the SIC code or codes which best fit your intended activity. You will need to file annual accounts to Companies House and HMRC every year. You must report any changes to Companies House (and sometimes HMRC) and you will need to file a tax return every year.

Am I required to provide information on Persons of Significant Control?

Yes. You will need to provide details on any person who guarantees more than 25% of the company's liabilities, any person who can elect or remove the majority of the board, or anyone who exerts a large degree of influence on the activities or the decision-making of your organisation.

Who owns a company limited by guarantee?

A company limited by guarantee is owned by its guarantors. Guarantors do not own shares as with a standard limited company - they guarantee to pay up to a certain amount of money to the company's creditors in case of insolvency.

Who can be a guarantor in a company limited by guarantee?

You can choose either a person or a corporate body (like a limited company) as a guarantor. Guarantors' details are available for the public to view on Companies House's website.

Who can be a guarantor in a company limited by guarantee?

You can choose either a person or a corporate body (like a limited company) as a guarantor. Guarantors' details are available for the public to view on Companies House's website.

How many people do I need to set up a company limited by guarantee?

Each company limited by guarantee needs one director and one guarantor although this can be the same person if required. You may nominate as many guarantors as you wish.

What support will Your Company Formations provide me with?

Your Company Formations have worked with guarantors setting up limited companies by guarantee for years. Setting up a limited company by guarantee is more complicated than setting up a standard limited company so we would strongly advise you to take up our team's assistance. During the process and after the company has been set up, we're here to help at no extra charge by email and phone.

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