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Company Registration Pack

Form a Right to Manage Company Online

A Right to Manage company is a legal entity that tenants can use when they want to take over the management of the building they occupy from the current landlord.
Company Registration Pack

Right to manage company formation - summary

A Right to Manage company is a legal entity that tenants can use when they want to take over the management of the building they occupy from the current landlord.
For This To Happen:
  • at least 50% of your fellow tenants must agree to go through the processes,
  • no more than a quarter of the building as a whole can be used for non-residential purposes (excluding common areas, stairs, halls, and car parks), and
  • at least 66% of the owners with leases must have at least 21 years left on their lease.

Prior to incorporating your right to manage company, you'll need to have consulted with a solicitor on recompensing the reasonable legal costs of the freeholder of the building or have had your case adjudicated on at the First Tier Property Tribunal. It can take up to 9 months from the engagement of your solicitor until the point at which your Right to Manage limited company takes over the building's management.

Your Company Formations helps you and your fellow tenants at the end of the process of assuming management of the property by forming your Right to Manage limited company. We do not provide advice during the process - you are strongly advised to use an experienced solicitor.

Please note that Right to Manage companies cannot acquire or own the building in which you are a tenant. If you wish to incorporate a company for that purpose, you will need to incorporate a property management company - please click here (link to Property management company package page) to find out more.

For help and advice on forming a right to manage limited company, please call us on (telephone number) or email us at (email address).

Right to Manage
LTD Company Package

Right to Manage Includes:

Filing fee inclusive - we pay the Companies House filing fee on your behalf
Fastest service - limited by guarantee company incorporated within 2-6 hours (depending on Companies House)
Instant submission - no signature or paperwork
Our bespoke Articles package allows you to upload your own personalised Articles or to use Your Company Formation's legally-checked set of Articles
Certificate of Incorporation delivered by email and 4 copies on high quality paper
Guarantor certificates delivered by email and on high quality paper
Free business account with cashback (subject to acceptance)
Free merchant account with cashback (subject to acceptance) (allowing you to accept debit and credit cards)
Free online company manager - manage your limited by guarantee company online and receive company alerts and reminders
Free support for the life of your company
Free review - our team will review and check your order prior to dispatch to Companies House
Google AdWords - spend £25 and receive a free £75 voucher to spend marketing your limited company by guarantee online
Internet presence starter kit - we'll pay for your or .com domain name for the first year
More Reasons To Buy This Package

Incorporating a Right to Manage company
– our service

Instant Form Submission To Companies House
We know that it’s important that your company is formed as soon as possible. That’s why we submit your documents directly to Companies House once you complete your online application. We will then email you as soon as your company has been incorporated.
Free Cash Back
When you form a company with us, you get an exclusive offer of a free bank account or merchant trading account that allows you to receive up to £55 cashback. If you decide to take up this offer, we will automatically forward your application to the chosen organisation.
All Fees Included
All fees are included with our company formation packages, including the £13.00 charge from Companies House for the incorporation of your company. We operate a transparent pricing structure so that our clients can clearly see what they are paying for before they submit.
Free Support And Advice
Your Company Formations provide free support and advice to all our clients. Our team of professionals is on hand via telephone, email, and our website chat portal. Support and advice are always provided before, during, and after the company formation process.
Official Company Documents Posted & Emailed
With the Digital & Print company formation package, you will receive both hard copies and electronic copies of your documents. These documents include your Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Share Certificates. Your documents will be posted to your registered address and will also be emailed directly to you as a PDF document.
Free Company Manager
Our online company manager allows you to fully manage your company via our portal. Making changes to your company couldn’t be simpler with our range of tools, and it also saves you costs further down the line.
Ready-To-Trade Company
When you form a company with the digital package, your company will be ready to start trading on the same day. All our companies that are limited by shares will allow you to start trading once you receive confirmation of the electronic copies to your email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Concerns

Registering a company limited by guarantee at Companies House

What are the features of a company limited by guarantee?
Companies limited by guarantee do not have shareholders - they have guarantors who have agreed to pay up to a certain amount to creditors in the case of insolvency. Profits made by a company limited by guarantee are normally re-invested into the company to better pursue its social, philanthropic, community, or other aims.
Do I need to provide a registered office address?
Yes. Your registered office address will be available to view on the public register. You must use a full postal address and not a PO Box number.
Am I required to provide information on Persons of Significant Control?
Yes. You will need to provide details on any person who guarantees more than 25% of the company's liabilities, any person who can elect or remove the majority of the board, or anyone who exerts a large degree of influence on the activities or the decision-making of your organisation.
Who can be a guarantor in a company limited by guarantee?
You can choose either a person or a corporate body (like a limited company) as a guarantor. Guarantors' details are available for the public to view on Companies House's website.
How many people do I need to set up a company limited by guarantee?
Each company limited by guarantee needs one director and one guarantor although this can be the same person if required. You may nominate as many guarantors as you wish.
Do I get company limited by guarantee articles of association?
When you incorporate your company limited by guarantee, you must submit both a Memorandum of Association (showing who the guarantors are) and adopt Articles of Association (the regulations and internal rules your company will follow). We can provide you with both as part of our service. We also have a legally-checked and editable Articles of Association that you can use if you need it to adapt it to your company's specific requirements.
Do I need to inform Companies House and HMRC about what we do?
Yes. On your form, we will need to complete the Standard Industry Classification section for you. We will chose the SIC code or codes which best fit your intended activity. You will need to file annual accounts to Companies House and HMRC every year. You must report any changes to Companies House (and sometimes HMRC) and you will need to file a tax return every year.
Who owns a company limited by guarantee?
A company limited by guarantee is owned by its guarantors. Guarantors do not own shares as with a standard limited company - they guarantee to pay up to a certain amount of money to the company's creditors in case of insolvency.
Who can be a guarantor in a company limited by guarantee?
You can choose either a person or a corporate body (like a limited company) as a guarantor. Guarantors' details are available for the public to view on Companies House's website.
What support will Your Company Formations provide me with?
Your Company Formations have worked with guarantors setting up limited companies by guarantee for years. Setting up a limited company by guarantee is more complicated than setting up a standard limited company so we would strongly advise you to take up our team's assistance. During the process and after the company has been set up, we're here to help at no extra charge by email and phone.
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