Confirmation statement – summary

In 2016, the confirmation statement replaced the annual return. Companies House require all company directors to fill in their company’s confirmation statements on time and in full. Although there are no fines for filing late, failing to file on time is a criminal offence and directors may be fined personally for non-compliance. Companies House may also attempt to strike your company off its register for failure to comply.

Your confirmation statement must contain the following information:

  • registered office address
  • shareholders
  • your line of business (as expressed in Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes)
  • the amount of share capital issued
  • who owns the shares
  • officers within your business who are considered a Person of Significant Control (PSC)

All limited companies are required to declare who the PSCs in your business. A PSC is someone who owns more than 25% or more of the shares or the voting rights within your business. A PSC can also appoint or remove the majority of the directors on the board. Alternatively, a PSC simply may exercise “significant influence or control”, according to HMRC.

Your Company Formations helps hundreds of companies every year to meet their obligation to file correct confirmation statements (including PSC information) on time and correctly. We offer a standard service which files on or by the due date or an enhanced service which files within 24 hours of receipt of the information we need.

Confirmation statement cost – our service with your service

Confirm what has changed since your last confirmation statement

We’ll send you a breakdown of the information held on you and the Persons of Significant Control within your business. Please let us know what has changed and what has remained the same.

Completion of CS01 confirmation statement form

Based on the information you provide us with, we will then fill in the CS01 form on your behalf and submit it to Companies House.

Confirmation email

Once the form has been accepted by Companies House, we will then email you to inform you that you have met your legal requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What is a confirmation statement and what does it contain?
Your company must, as a legal requirement, submit a confirmation statement every 12 months together with information on Persons with Significant Control over your company.

I have had a confirmation statement reminder from Companies House. What should I do?
If you receive a letter from Companies House telling you that “your confirmation statement is due for filing”, then you should do so to avoid a conformation statement late filing penalty. Please contact us straight away for assistance.

What is a confirmation statement review period?

If your company is new, your review period lasts for 12 months after your date of incorporation. Your confirmation statement describes your company and lists its PSCs as at the date at the end of your review period.

For companies which have been established for more than 12 months, your review period is 12 months after your last confirmation statement submission.

Your confirmation statement must be submitted to Companies House within 14 days of your review period. Even if nothing has changed in your company in the review period, you still need to submit a confirmation statement.

Do I have to report any changes straight away to Companies House before the end of my review period?

Yes. If any of the following change, you need to inform Companies House:

  • your company’s registered address
  • director appointments and terminations
  • changes to directors’ service addresses or surnames
  • your company secretary
  • changes to directors’ service addresses or surnames
  • someone becoming or ceasing to be a PSC
  • changes to PSC’s personal details
  • location of your company’s registers
  • SIC codes
  • any changes to the last statement of company capital
  • any changes to your shareholders’ information

You will need to include a statement of capital with your confirmation statement, including information on:

  • the total number of shares
  • nominal aggregate value of those shares
  • aggregate amount that remains unpaid on those shares (if any) whether because of their nominal value or premium.

If your company has different classes of shares, you’llneed to include on your confirmation statement:

  • the rights attached to the shares and their prescribed particulars
  • the total number of shares in that class of shares
  • the aggregate nominal value of shares in that class of shares

If you don’t list your company members on the public register, you must let Companies House know:

  • every person who, at any time during the confirmation statement period, was a member
  • the number of shares (in each class of share)they held at the end of the confirmation period by each member at the time
  • the number of shares (in each class of share)that were transferred during the confirmation period, who was a member during the period, and the dates these transfers were registered on.

If you need any help during the year with any of the above situations, please contact Your Company Formations for advice and support.

Can I contact Your Company Formations for help?

We’ve worked with thousands of business people since our launch and part of our service level commitment to you is to be available at no charge during office hours before, during, and after the submission of your confirmation statement.