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The Difference Between a Service Address and a Registered Office Address

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Upon appointment in a limited liability company as a director, you are required to provide a service address. This will serve as the official address where all notices and mails from Companies House and HMRC will be forwarded to. This address also serves as a registered office address and service address; however, it must be located in the same country that the office is incorporated.

Requirements and features of a service address

  • A company director’s official contact address.
  • Could be located in any country.
  • The address must be a complete, postal address.
  • You may use PO Box addresses but not PO Box Numbers.
  • The directors service address can be residential or non-residential.
  • You could use the exact same address as your business address, trading address and/or registered office.
  • Your service address details will be displayed on public record by Companies House.
  • For privacy reasons, people don’t usually make use of their homes.
  • Your home address cannot be publicly displayed if you do not use it as your service address.
  • Your service address is just for statutory mailing purpose and as such, you do not need to visit or work from there.
  • At any point in time, you can change this address.
  • Any change in address must be related to the Companies House.
  • A non residential service address is beneficial.

The service address might also be your residential address however, you must bear in mind that this data will no longer be private; it will become data available to the general public. Using your residential address as your service address does not cause any major problems, however you must brace yourself for a lot of junk mails and visits from lenders and clients alike. It is therefore advisable that you make use of a professional service mail to protect the privacy of your home.

Can I change my service address after company formation?

At any point in time after company formation, you can change your service address. You can do this through the internet by using Companies House Form CH01. After which your service address can easily be changed. Then you can inform the Companies House through the internet. Our admin portal is available for you to use in updating company details and to download files and annual returns.

Your Company Formation Ltd address services

In central London a range of professional service addresses are offered by Your Company Formations Ltd. The service addresses we provide for directors is perfect for directors of limited companies in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Within the UK, all statutory mails can be forwarded to the address of your choice. However, if you intend sending a mail to an address outside the UK, a postal fee may be charged.

During the registration process, you can add the service of you can add the service address of any of our company formation packages. Apart from that, you can purchase the address of an existing limited company on the internet at any point in time.

How to buy a London registered office address

Both clients and non-clients alike can access the services of London Registered Office for a yearly token. There are 3 ways to purchase these addresses. They are:

  1. Simply buy a registered office online

By clicking the order button on the London registered office address page, you can purchase a registered office online. After selecting a required address, you will have to fill out a short online application form, providing your company details. You will not have to import your company details; neither will you have to call us. You just need to provide details like name, address etc.

You will receive an email from us welcoming you just within 2 hours of registration, your new address can then be used. However, you must have your new address registered with the Companies House and have the public record updated.

  1. Add it to your company formation package

During the application process, you are free to include the address service to any of our formation packages. The details of your registered office address together with your application form will be filed with Companies House. They do not have to be contacted separately.

  1. Create an account with Your Company Formation Ltd

The non-clients have access to this free service, your authentication code and company registration number will simply be inputted in to our admin portal thus creating an online account. Select our London registered office address service after importing your existing company into our online system. Within the next 24 hours, your newly registered office details will be forwarded to Companies House and your public record will be updated. When this is done, you can file annual returns and resolutions, update your company details and report changes to Companies House using our admin portal.

What company mail is forwarded with a registered office service?

Legal notices and statutory mails from agencies of the government like HMRC and Companies House will be delivered to your registered office address in London. Within 24 hours, your mail will be sent to your address within or outside the UK. 15% plus the royal mail postage fee is charged for sending mails outside the UK however, it is completely free within the UK. The mails sent will not include unofficial business-related mails; neither will it include director’s statutory mail. You will have to purchase another service address to serve this purpose.

For more information please feel free to contact us or alternatively you can find some great blog posts in our Company Blog. We have a great guide on what a registered office address is here.

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