If you are good at DIY, or you’re already working in one of the trades, starting a handyman business may seem like a great idea. After all, you’ll be able to be your own boss, work your own hours, and even grow your business so that some day, you can take on staff to do some of the work. There are a great many things to think about when starting a handyman business though, such as accounts, financing, insurance and marketing, to name but a few. This guide will take you through the steps you’ll need to take when creating a business that doesn’t fall at the first hurdle.

Is Starting A Handyman Business A Good Idea?

According to ROSPA , the home is the most common place to have an accident. Add in those who are inexperienced at climbing ladders and using power tools, and it’s no wonder many people prefer to get someone else in to do those jobs they’re just not sure they can do properly or safely.

There are many services you could consider offering when you start a handyman service. These may include:

  • Putting up flatpack furniture
  • Painting and decorating
  • Fixing broken furniture
  • Plastering
  • Garden maintenance
  • Patio installation and maintenance
  • Electrical fitting
  • Guttering repairs, fencing and gate installation/maintenance

It would be wise to ensure you have the relevant qualifications if you want to take on electrical fitting and repairs, as well as some of the other types of handyman jobs.

Is Starting A Handyperson Business A Good Idea?

You may find that rather than a handyman, people may prefer to have someone of the same sex as them work in their home. Women in the DIY business are in high demand, and it is certainly worth considering as a business idea.

Starting With Your Business Plan

The first thing you should do is write a business plan. This sets out your short and long-term objectives and allows you to measure your progress against a set of SMART targets that you have set yourself. It also allows you to have a full overview of your business so you don’t lose sight of your goals.

You should also ensure you have an idea of how you want to brand yourself. To keep it personal, you can use part of your name in your business name. Or, you can effectively describe your services within your business name. Do check no one else has registered your business name, however, as this can lead to issues. The experts at Your Company Formations can assist you in making sure your legal business entity is set up correctly. You might also want to get some help with accounts, and you will have to register as self-employed.

Step One - Marketing Research and Competitor Analysis

Before you know where your business will fit in the market, you need to understand your market, and this means not only looking at your prospective clients, but also your competitors. What services do they offer? What have people said about them in reviews? (Good and bad!) and what areas do they cover?

You may find that there is a gap in the market for services you excel at, or an area that doesn’t have great coverage.

If there are plenty of handypeople in your local area, consider how you differ from them. What problems do you solve? Knowing your market can help you approach your prospective customers with confidence that you have something great to offer.


Obviously, when starting a handyman business, you will need to consider costs and charges. Do you want to work at an hourly rate? Or perhaps you will charge per job? Your market research may have given you some insight into how much others charge for similar services. You will need to make sure you can not only cover the costs of the materials you use when deciding your rates, however. You will also need to factor in the costs of marketing, your website (if you have one) and your business insurance. Furthermore, while it might be tempting to start off pricing yourself cheaply to get business in, many people will get you back again if you do a good job, so factor this into your pricing.

Things To Consider

There are a few important considerations you need to be aware of when starting a handyman business:

  1. Working in people’s homes - When you are working in someone’s home, it is best to leave it better than you found it. You may have to take away rubbish, so consider how to dispose of this, and what size vehicle you might need. It is sometimes a good idea to have cleaning products in your van so that you can quickly clear up after you are done with the work you are completing. This will leave a good impression on your clients.
  2. If it gets too much - If your handyman business rockets (and we hope it does) you may need to set some boundaries as to how long you want to work each day/week. You should maintain a work life balance that is comfortable. If things are getting too busy, you could always look at taking on staff to assist you. Apprenticeships are a good way to train someone up to do things the way you want things done.
  3. Insurance matters - It is absolutely vital to have relevant insurance to protect yourself. Consider not only insurance that covers your work, but also your business vehicle. You should also consider a policy that has public liability insurance built in.

Marketing Tips

Finally, you’ll need to consider how to let people know who you are and how you can help them. A website is a good option, but you will need to market your website so that people know where to find you. Door drop leaflets in the area you cover, or social media advertising could also be helpful. There are some companies that specialise in helping new business owners market their business, so it may be worth getting a consultation, particularly if you’re not experienced in marketing.

This guide should now have given you confidence when starting your handyman business. If you need further input into setting up your business properly, the experts at Your Company Formations would be happy to help.

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