5 Tips for Switching Off at Christmas

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021
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Although to many, the lifestyle of an entrepreneur seems glamorous and rewarding, the reality can be quite different and as we approach Christmas, many of us will find that we spend December desperately trying to find money to pay the bills, find the inability to work on Christmas Day frustrating and begin fretting about our ‘to do’ list and January before Turkey is even out of the oven.

Whether at Christmas or any other time of the year, we know how difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to juggle their commitment to their business, their friends and their families. It’s so hard to talk about staffing issues and the rising cost of salaries one minute and be comfortable doing small talk and celebrity gossip the next. It’s hard not to put your family in the same category as your staff – constantly asking questions, relying on you to solve their problems and pick up the bills for their team lunches and more, it can be difficult to know when you are allowed to take off the entrepreneur outfit and become a normal person again.

At Your Company Formations, we have compiled our top tips for switching off at Christmas and we hope they help you have a stress free festive break.

Manage Expectations

5 Tips for Switching Off at Christmas Your Company FormationsIn the build-up to Christmas, letting people know what your plans are for the festive period is important. It is important that you let your colleagues know what you are up to – tell them when you are out of action, the days you might be around and dip into work, let your business partners know that you are planning to switch off, and let your clients know when business is closed. We believe, however, that to have the best chance of switching off at Christmas, you need to manage the expectations of your friends and family as well as the people that contribute to your work life. However odd it may sound, you should let your family and friends know that switching off won’t come easily to you. Let them know when you will need or want to dip into work, when you might feel stressed and how you expect them to respond if you need to pick up your laptop.

Remember the true you

When you start your journey as an entrepreneur, it is really easy to forget that you were a regular person at some point. It can be difficult to remember what you did with free time, what you enjoyed before you were permanently attached to an iPhone and what gave you a buzz before it was all about business. Use the Christmas break as an opportunity to remember the non-entrepreneurial you and enjoy the things that make you everything other than an entrepreneur.

Build up to your Digital Detox

Walking away from our devices for more than a few minutes sends most of us into a frenzy so if a digital detox is part of your Christmas plan, you should think about building up to it. Get into the habit of not checking your phone constantly, leave everything for a few hours over the weekend whilst you enjoy family time. Leave your phone in the kitchen when you go to bed for a few nights before you break for Christmas so that psychologically you aren’t making a huge leap into ‘Christmas’. You might find you actually enjoy it and a bit of space between you and your phone, even for an hour before bed, might help you rebalance your work and home life in the New Year.

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Be a big kid

W5 Tips for Switching Off at Christmas Your Company Formationshether it’s playing a game of Pie Face or snuggling up under a blanket and watching a Disney film, believe in a little bit of magic during the festive season and enjoy being a big kid for a few moments and use the naivety and simplicity of childhood to remember what life is really all about. With or without children, getting creative will also help you relax, whether it’s baking a cake, making your own Christmas decorations or getting yourself an adult colouring booknderestimate the power of a little art, a bit of creativity and the great feeling that comes with achieving or creating something that isn’t directly linked to your business.

Smell the coffee

5 Tips for Switching Off at Christmas Your Company FormationsIn the magical celebrations of Christmas, take time to smell the coffee – and by that we mean, stop, reflect, think of all the things you have to be thankful for. Enjoy the simple things, enjoy love and family and friendship. Realise how much you have achieved and all you have to be proud of. Celebrate who you are, the decisions you’ve made and appreciate everything you have, from the love of your family to the warmth of your bed. Show the people that make you who you are, love, respect, and give them the time they deserve over the festive season.

From one crazy and uptight entrepreneur to another, we hope these tips help and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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