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Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021
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Business addresses are often a late addition to a lot of new and existing business owners. It is though, worth committing a little bit of your time to decide on a suitable registered office address. Understanding it right from the very beginning can make a big change to your brand image and corporate credibility.

There are a couple of constraints to be mindful which can be read in our company address post here, overall, you have a lot of choices with regards to the kind of address you use – as long as your registered office is situated in the UK it is not a PO Box service, you can use any physical postal address you like.

If you desire to use your home address as a registered office, that’s fine. But it’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of this option ahead of making any resolution.

The positive:

  • It’s workable and accessible
  • Your authorised organisation correspondence will be brought to your home
  • It won’t cost you a lot of money

The negative:

  • Your home address will be enlisted on public record at Companies House– anyone can access this information
  • A home address does not always give the best impression
  • No disconnection of corporate life and private life
  • Possibility for extra junk correspondence being distributed to your home
  • If your organisation enters into any difficulty, creditors and offended customers have knowledge of where you reside
  • If you lease, your lessor may not endorse the use of the address as a registered office
  • Your registered workplace will be the public review location for your company archives

Your Company Formations prestigious registered office address and directors service address could really boost your corporate image and make a lasting impact on potential clients and business partners.

When you’re striving to create a thriving business in a cut-throat market, these things count.

The advantages of a non-residential registered office

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a non-residential registered office for your limited company or Limited Liability Company. If you have a shop front or profit-making office space, for instance, the most logical choice would be to use those grounds as your registered office. On the other hand, for those who work from home or have no fixed trading address, the best alternative is to set up a registered office service in your company’s jurisdiction of incorporation – this will be either ‘England and Wales’, ‘Scotland’, or ‘Northern Ireland’.

Registered office amenities are mostly offered by company development managers – they offer the use of their own operating locations as specialised registered offices for other companies and LLP. Your official company mail – letters, notifications and prompts from Companies House and HMRC – will be collected and processed by your chosen agent and sent to your home or business address. Your agent’s address will be registered at Companies House as your official company address and listed on the public register, so there’s no need to worry about risking the privacy of your home.

The good stuff:

  • Your home address remains private
  • Allows you to separate your business life from your personal life
  • Junk mail is handled and thrown out by the registered office provider
  • To a great extent improves your corporate identity
  • Conveys the feeling that your company is trading from a prestigious location
  • Creates trustworthiness and conviction
  • Increases your chances of creating a positive first impression
  • Ideal solution for company owners who live outside of the UK
  • If you relocate, you don’t need to change your registered office
  • Wonderful solution if your tenancy arrangement prohibits the use of your home as a registered office
  • You do not have to run your business from your registered office
  • Legal company mail is forwarded to you free of charge within the UK

The not-so-good effects:

  • It’s not free of charge … but it’s affordable

How do I purchase registered office assistance?

Your Company Formations’ registered office service is situated at our head office in City Road, London, and it is appropriate for limited companies (and LLPs) amalgamated in England and Wales. This lively area is one of the most sought-after localities for well-known businesses and consumers alike, but very high business rates are simply unachievable for the bulk of small business owners and start-ups.

Our registered office service is easy to get to purchase online for superb prices. You can attach it to any of our company formation packages when you’re establishing a new company or LLP on our website, or you can purchase it for a company or LLP that already exists if you want to change the registered office address you presently use.

As part of this service, we will direct all legal mail from Companies House or HMRC to any UK address as part of the fixed fee.

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