Everything You Need to Know about a Company Director Service Address

Last Updated: May 09, 2024
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Key Takeaways

  • It is a legal requirement for company directors, PSCS, secretaries, and LLP members to ensure they have a designated location to receive statutory mail and official communications from government bodies like Companies House and HMRC.
  • A separate official address for statutory correspondence keeps personal residential addresses off the public register, reducing the risk of unsolicited mail or privacy invasion.

Director service address or correspondence address defined

A director service address, or a correspondence or director mailing address, is a specific location designated for receiving statutory correspondence from UK government regulatory agencies such as HMRC and Companies House. It is the official address all company directors must have when appointed to a limited company’s directorship during or after incorporation.

It is the official channel through which important documents and communications related to directorial roles and responsibilities are received.

Government agencies use the address to keep company directors and other officials informed about legal and regulatory matters, facilitating compliance with various obligations.

Any full postal address in the UK or abroad can be used as a service address, except PO Box Numbers.

Can I use a virtual office service for my director address?

You can use a virtual office service to find your director’s address, but many providers, such as Your Company Formations, offer these services separately. We do this because our virtual address service primarily provides professional business address and administrative support, such as mail handling, call forwarding, and meeting room facilities.

The service is not structured to handle the specific requirements of statutory letters and official correspondence from government agencies, which are crucial aspects of director address services. Statutory letters often require specialised handling and compliance procedures to meet legal and regulatory obligations accurately and promptly.

However, you can use Your Company Formations virtual address as your business address service.

What is the difference between an official correspondence address and a director service address?

The two terms mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. Other UK company officials, in addition to limited company directors, that require a correspondence service address for the public record are —

  • Persons with significant control (PSCs)

  • Initial company shareholders (subscribers)

  • Company Secretaries

  • LLP members


During the company formation process, all company officials, including the initial subscribers (shareholders), are required to provide two contact addresses: their residential address and an official statutory address. The residential address is kept private and is not publicly available, while the statutory address details are disclosed and accessible to the public. Shareholders who acquire company shares after the formation process are not required to provide a statutory address.

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How do I go about changing my director address service with Companies House?

Your service address can be changed at any time.

Notify Companies House as soon as possible of the change of address using form CH02 or CH01 for a corporate and natural director of a UK company, respectively, or form LLCH01 or LLCH02 for LLPs as applicable.

You can print and manually complete the form and post it back to Companies House, or you can complete it to be filed online via WebFiling.

Does my director service address have to be in the UK?

No. A service address for a company director, PSC, secretary, or LLP member can be anywhere in the world, allowing flexibility for businesses with an international presence or individuals who work remotely or travel frequently. It ensures that company officials can maintain compliance with legal requirements while operating from different parts of the world.

Fast Fact

Your service address doesn’t need to be a physical business premise where you conduct operations or meet clients. It’s simply a designated address for receiving official communications and statutory letters.

Can I use my home address as a director?

Yes. A company’s official mailing address could be any physical address anywhere in the world. You can use a residential or non-residential address, your accountant’s office, a professional service address from a company formation agent, or a company’s registered office address.

However, remember that this address will be publicly available through the Companies House register, so it’s crucial to consider privacy and security concerns.


To avoid privacy breaches and security risks, ensure that your company officers’ home addresses are kept off the public record. We recommend using a separate official address for statutory purposes to avoid exposing personal addresses to the public.

Can I use my central London business address as my director service address?

Yes. You can use a London address as your director’s service address, which lends a prestigious and professional image to your role as a director. It signifies that your business operates from a prime location in one of the world’s most prominent business hubs. Additionally, having a company officer address in London makes it easier for vital communication to reach the officials since government agencies, clients, and other stakeholders prefer a London office contact point.

Can I use your director service address product for Persons with Significant Control, Company secretaries, or other company officials?

Yes. The directors’ service address product is designed to receive statutory letters for all company officials, as required by law, with our service. You can purchase the address of each official company.

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What is the difference between a correspondence address and a trading address?

When comparing a director mailing address to a trading address, the key distinction lies in their purposes and recipients:

  • Correspondence address – Specifically for officers such as directors, persons with significant control, shareholders, and LLP members. Its primary purpose is to receive statutory letters and official communications relevant to their roles within the organisation.

  • Correspondence address – Also known as a business address, this address is associated with the business as a whole. It serves as the official address for receiving operations-related correspondence from partners, customers, suppliers, and other entities involved in the business’s day-to-day activities.

You can use the registered office address as your director’s and trading address. However, if you are buying this service from a company formation agent like ourselves, you will need to buy them as separate products because the procedure and resources for handling mail for each are different.

What is the difference between a registered office address and a trading address?

The critical difference between a registered office and a trading or business mailing address is the purpose and where it’s legally required.

The table below outlines the key differences.

Difference Registered Office Address Business mailing address Director Service Address


A registered office address is the official address for limited companies and LLPs. It is the official address where statutory mail from government agencies like Companies House and HMRC is sent.

A trading or business mailing address is used for day-to-day business correspondence, including letters from customers, suppliers, partners, and other business-related communication.

It is the official contact address for company officials.

Statutory mail and legal notices from government agencies are sent to this address.

Legal Requirement

The address is a legal requirement for every company in the UK and must be in the same part of the UK where it is registered (England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland).

A business mailing address is not legally required, unlike the registered office address. It can be located anywhere, as a virtual office or a full PO Box.

The address is a legal requirement for every company official and is required either at the point of company formation or appointment.

The service address can be located anywhere in the world.

Public Record

The registered office address is publicly available and listed on the Companies House register. Anyone can access this information.

While the registered office address is publicly available, the business mailing address can be kept private if desired, providing an added layer of privacy for business operations.

The director’s address is publicly available, and anyone accessing the register can access it. Work with our service address and keep your home address off the public record.

What are the differences between a London service address in Covent Garden, WC2, and Shoreditch EC1?

While both locations have advantages, 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX is a more popular solution for a registered office address due to its business-focused environment, proximity to tech hubs, and modern infrastructure. These characteristics enhance a venture’s perceived business image and provide networking opportunities within the area’s thriving tech and innovation community.

Aspect Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London (WC2) City Road, Shoreditch, London ( EC1)


Central London, West End.

City of London, Old Street/Shoreditch.


Vibrant, cultural, and tourist-friendly. More focused on entertainment and retail.

Business-focused, tech-centric. Commercial, tech companies, startups.

Nearby Landmarks

Covent Garden Market, Royal Opera House.

Silicon Roundabout, Tech hubs.

Networking opportunities

Tourists, cultural events.

Tech events, innovation centres.


Well-connected, busy.

Modern infrastructure, co-working spaces.

Perceived business image

Festive, cultural, and creative.

Innovative, tech-savvy.

Do I need a business address service at the point of company formation?

No. At the point of company formation, you are only required to provide a registered office address, which serves as the official address of a limited company. Additionally, you must provide a mailing address for company officials.

If you do not work with a commercial address provider, you can use the same address as your registered office, director, and business address. However, given the distinct mail handling procedures for statutory and business letters, we offer these services as separate products for individual purchases.

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