Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021

What Is a Directors Service Address? – Company Formations

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A service address is an official mailing address that all company directors are lawfully expected to have. This is whenever they are chosen to be part of a limited company during or after registration. Their address information is put on the public record. Directors get their personal mail and authorised notices from HMRC and Companies House at their service addresses.

Directors Service Address

A service address could be any physical address, anywhere across the globe – a director may use a non-residential or residential address plus a company’s registered office, should the complete postal address be provided. Directors are not necessarily expected to function at their service addresses, nor do they require visiting them; they are just needed for the purpose of receiving official individual mail.

Several company directors make use of the address services of a company set up agent like Your Company Formations. Their business mail is sent to the qualified mailing address registered with Companies House as their service address. Their post is then sent to them at any alternative address they choose. This is aimed to protect their privacy while creating a certified, corporate image.

The distinction between a registered office address and a service address

A service address is needed by every limited company director as an official mailing address. Their personal mail from HMRC and the Companies House is sent to their service address. This can be situated anywhere across the globe.

On the other hand, a registered office address is the official address of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a limited company. All legal notices and official mail addressed to a LLP or a company will be delivered to their registered offices. A registered office address should be situated in the same part of the UK wherein a LLP or company is incorporated.

Can my home address be used as my service address?

There are no legal limits that forbid directors from using a residential address as a service address; conversely, several directors choose to preserve their privacy by keeping their home addresses off public record. This helps to block unwanted mail as well as unexpected guests from coming to your home.

A well-known option is to buy a certified Service Address from a company formation agent. This address is placed on the public record as an official address of the director, and every piece of business mail is then sent to this address and forwarded to the director through an address of their choice.

Can the registered office address of my company be used as a service address?

A registered office address is not the same as a service address; however it is acceptable to utilise a similar address for the same purpose, as long as it fulfills the legal specifications of a registered office.

What mail is delivered to a service address?

Legal notices and statutory mail addressed to a director are delivered to a service address. Conversely, a director may utilise one address as a registered office address, a service address as well as a general business contact address.

Can a P.O Box address be used as a service address?

Of course, a P.O Box address can be used in as much you give Companies House the full postal address, plus the postcode – a P.O Number cannot be used as a service address.

Can my service address be situated anywhere in the world?

In contrast to a registered office address, there exist no limitations to the geographical location of a service address; thus, your service address can be situated anywhere across the globe, in as much as you give Companies House the full postal address.

Do company secretaries need service addresses?

No, company directors are only required to have a service address. Company secretaries only need to provide Companies House with their contact addresses.

Do company shareholders need service addresses?

No, company shareholders need no service address. The company’s first shareholders should provide Companies House with a contact address – however any other shareholder who joins a company after it has been incorporated, need not provide a contact address.

Do Limited Liability Partnership members require a service address?

No, Limited Liability Partnership members do not need a service address – they are only required to provide Companies House with a contact address.

Will Companies house show my service address on all public records?

Companies House places all details of directors, plus service addresses, on every public record. Should you change your service address, you need to inform Companies House immediately so as to update your public record with the new details.

Can my service address be changed?

Your service address can be changed at any time, however, you need to inform Companies House as soon as possible using the form CH02 (for a corporate director) or form CH01 (for a natural director). These forms are accessible online via Your Company Formation’s free Online Company Manager or WebFiling. The newly provided service address will be registered at Companies House and showed on all public records within about 24 hours of filing the appropriate form – it will officially not change until it has been registered.