The Essential Guide for Setting Up a Business Email Address

Published on: Jul 24, 2024
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After registering your company in its entirety, it’s vital that you complete the registration of a business email address. Adopting a business email address in the UK (and for global businesses) is absolutely fundamental for a number of reasons outlined below.

How to Set Up a Business Email Address in the UK

 Setting up a business email address in the UK is a simple process and not dissimilar to setting up any other type of email account.

You can set up a free email account with providers such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo, but business email addresses are best created through domain name providers or web hosting companies. This will give you a “branded” email address with a customer domain extension. For example: reads better than the ubiquitous, non-professional address such as

In order to register an online domain name, simply enter a keyword search: “domain registration name UK”. The search engine will return results from popular ICANN accredited registrars like GoDaddy, 123-reg, etc.

What Is the Best Domain Name to Use?

Most of the companies who provide domain names when setting up a business email address in the UK will provide the option of setting up an email account at the same time you register a domain name.

The most appropriate and effective domain name will be the one that matches your business. You may also use the domain name for your web address.

Why Is a Business Email Address Important?

The modern customer is inundated with emails. With a plethora of junk emails and uninteresting senders filling their inbox, it’s extremely important that you set up an effective business email address in the UK in order to attract your customers and increase engagement. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why a business email address in the UK is important for your company’s success:

  1. Give a Great First Impression

When building a reputable business brand, first impressions are key. A professional email address (especially from a professional company) creates a sense of credibility. This will boost your company’s potential to attract new customers.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

An email address containing your company’s name will act as a reminder for all your customers. As well as increasing credibility, your company’s name in a business email address in the UK will help raise your brand awareness, particularly if your email is further shared with other customers by existing customers.

  1. Streamline Your Communication

You can create specific email addresses to channel emails directly to individuals in various departments, for example: “admin@yourcompanyname”. This will not only increase productivity but also put your customers at ease in the knowledge that their communication is going to the necessary department.

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Setting up a business email address in the UK without a domain name registration is still possible. Depending on your type of business, you may want to create a business email address without registering a domain name. This is not uncommon for sole traders who only work with one or two clients and for those whose company practice does not require a web presence.

Many of these accounts will be free, such as UK Mail Exchange,, Gmail; all of which are common choices.

However, the importance of setting up a business email address regardless of the size of your business should never be discounted. Ultimately, your branding and brand awareness is key. If a business email address in the UK can help you heighten your credibility and engage customers more effectively, you shouldn’t think twice about setting up your own business email address, today.

To find out more about setting up a business email address in the UK, contact our professional and experienced company formations team now for a fast, friendly, and comprehensive service.

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